Hola, from an airport in Mexico! Having an unexpected flight delay, I decided to turn my energy into something productive rather than dwell on the fact that I will have to wear JEANS for an extra four to six hours today….which if you know me, wearing anything except Lululemon is a rare form of torture. I am pretty sure this day will satisfy my jeans-wearing allotment for the year. So, after (somewhat laboriously) struggling through a little yoga in my tight jeans, taking a brisk walk while lugging my duffel and yoga mat through the airport, and failing at meditation–seriously, why do drunk guys think a girl sitting on a yoga mat in a zen posture with her eyes closed is a good target? Yep, definitely time to leave…anyway, now I am sufficiently tired and ready to sit down and focus on one of my favorite topics. Staying on track!

In my 10 years in the health and fitness industry, I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to stay fit/lose weight/stay on track with their health and fitness goals while they are on vacation. Since I am finishing up a trip where I accompanied clients on their vacation, this topic is fresh on my mind. If you can’t take your trainer with you on your next destination (or if you just don’t want to, haha), here are a few tips to help you stay on track. 

  1. Plan fun activities. Regardless of your fitness level, vacation is a great time to try new active pursuits. Sign up for a walking tour (or plan it yourself) through the new town, play volleyball on the beach, try an exercise class if you normally lift weights, or download a free bodyweight strength circuit (courtesy of moi).
  2. Balance your body with rest. Recovery is so so so important, and can make or break your fitness routine. Listen to your body. If you normally work out in the morning and would like to sleep in on vacation, give yourself that luxury. If you are going to be out and about early or late at night, try an afternoon workout. Your workout could be a day of active rest (focus on walking, stretching, restorative yoga, etc).
  3. Fuel your body for the exercise it will be getting. Yes you may indulge in dessert, a drink or two, but avoid mindless snacking and sugary snacks. If you have a large meal, workout beforehand to amp your metabolism.
  4. DRINK WATER. I can’t stress this enough. Travel tends to dehydrate the tissue. Pair that with a change in climate, increase in salty or sugary foods/alcohol/soda, and disrupted routine, and dehydration is increased. Water will not only help your body metabolize nutrients and flush toxins, it will help to repair your tissue, and feel more full at meal times.
  5. Have fun, don’t beat yourself up, and don’t go completely off the wagon. Have a plan BEFORE your trip to get back into your exercise routine upon return (whether you make an appointment with your trainer, have a reservation for class, or put a reminder in your phone for a gym date).

Vacation can be an excellent time to relax, recuperate, and refocus on new goals. Most people are surprised to see that they can even lose weight while on holiday, thanks to the change in routine or the renewed emphasis on total body health and balance. While backpacking Europe, I lost 15 pounds and my fellow trainer friend Andrea lost 10 (I’ll write a post on how we did that another day).

Thanks for reading and be sure to comment or message me with your feedback!